Each person’s skin tone is unique.  There are those who are blessed with a perfectly even tone; however, most of us have various tones in our complexion (especially women of color).  Taking note of the different tones in your complexion is very important when it comes to selecting complexion products such as foundation and concealer.  First, it is important to know your undertone.  Are you a golden/yellow undertone?  Maybe you have more pink/red.  Perhaps you are neutral.  After you have an understanding of your skin’s undertone, it is a good idea to spend some time observing your face.  Is your forehead darker than the rest of your face?  Is the inner portion of your face lighter?  These are just a couple of common notes.

Once you have observed your face, it is now time to select your complexion products.  The key is to select products that match each tone of your face.  I usually keep three shades of concealer.  I firmly believe having at least two shades of a complexion product is ideal.  Now, these two shades could be one shade of a foundation and one shade of a concealer, but the shades do need to be different.  Our faces are not one flat color.  If you apply one shade of foundation and concealer, your face will appear flat with no dimension.  That is NOT what we want!  You want to mimic the natural dimension of your face by adding the shadows (darker shade) and highlights (lighter shade) back to your face.  Once you apply the shades to the respective parts of your face, be sure to make sure everything meshes together and looks seamless.  You don’t want people to see that you have two or three distinct shades of makeup on your face lol.
Do not be afraid to mix!  I understand that purchasing multiple shades of makeup can be more expensive, but trust me it is well worth it!  You always want the best color match for you skin, and most times, that is not found in one shade!

P.S. In my next post, I will be sharing some GREAT, affordable complexion product recommendations.  You will be able to purchase multiple shades without breaking the bank!


Till next time gorgeous,

Sarah Robyn