Your favorite brand just released a new product line!  Exciting right?!  You know you want to make a purchase, but the way your budget is set up, you can only buy a couple of items.  “Makeup and beauty products are not cheap,” you say.  Well my dear, I couldn’t agree more.  Sometimes we really have to stop and think, “what is worth spending a few extra coins and what can pass on?”  Hard questions.  I’m hear you give you guidance!  In my opinion, there are makeup items in which you should spend a bit more when purchasing.  There are also items that you can save on.  We’re going to discuss below!

SKIN CARE – Spending on skin care is a must!  A lot of people treat skin care as an afterthought, like when they get a breakout or develop skin texture issues.  However, even if you have perfect skin, having a skin care routine with QUALITY products is the best gift you can give your skin.  This is definitely an area to SPLURGE.  Identify products for your specific skin type, do research, read reviews, and make a purchase!  My favorite skin care brands include: First Aid Beauty, Murad, Ole Henriksen, and Pixi.

COMPLEXION PRODUCTS – Complexion products are any products that will help with the evening out of your overall skin tone and that also help with hyperpigmentation or discoloration.  This category includes foundation, concealer, corrector, and powder.  Pigmentation and longevity are two characteristics you want out of these types of products.  You want them to have the pigmentation to cover any blemishes and even out your skin and you want it to last all day.  I have used (and still use) some less expensive a.k.a. drugstore complexion products; however, the pigmentation and longevity are usually two issues that arise.  Therefore, I typically go for mid to high end brands for complexion products.  This is an area to SPLURGE.  Some of my favorite complexion products come from brands such as NARS, Makeup Forever, Laura Mercier, and M.A.C.

EYESHADOW – Palettes are usually best way to SAVE when it comes to eyeshadow and that’s the route I recommend.  Whether it is a drugstore palette or higher end palette, you’re saving by purchasing several shadows at once.  Deciding on whether to SPLURGE on a high end palette should depend on how often you wear eyeshadow and also the types of looks you are looking to achieve.  Brighter and more pigmented colors with the best blendability will be higher end.  However, if you’re just looking for natural, everyday look eyeshadows, SAVE and get yourself a drugstore palette.  I personally love the Eye on Neutral palette by Sonia Kashuk.

MASCARA – There are SO many mascaras on the market, it is easy for one to become overwhelmed with the selection.  They claim to lengthen, thicken, and even grow your lashes.  I’ve found very few mascaras that actually live up to all their claims.  The ones that I have actually ended up loving the most are always from a drugstore brand.  With that said, this is an area to SAVE.  I recommend picking up two or three mascaras from different brands, try them out, and figure out which brand and formula are right for you! My favorite brand for mascara is Maybelline, hands down!

BROW PRODUCTS – Powders, pencils, pomades, markers, and gels.  There are several products on the market these days that will help you achieve the perfect brow.  When it comes to brow products, the most important factors that should play into your decision is longevity and pigmentation (yes, just like complexion products).  However, unlike complexion products, I recommend you SAVE in this area.  I have come across several drugstore brow products that rival high end ones.  For my brows, I currently use the NYX Micro Brow Pencil.  Prior to using the NYX pencil, I used the Anastasia Brow Wiz for years.  Now, I prefer the NYX pencil by far, plus it is half the price!  NYX, Maybelline, and Milani are all great, affordable brands to check out for brow products.

LIP PRODUCTS – Let’s cut to the chase here.  SAVE on lip products!!!  Whether it be liner, lipstick, or lip gloss – SAVE!!!  NYX makes some of my favorite lip liners and lip glosses.  Maybelline creates the best lipsticks.  Milani produces awesome liquid lipsticks.  Checkout your favorite drugstore’s selection and I guarantee you will find some gems!

Till next time gorgeous,

Sarah Robyn

P.S. Please comment below and let me know of any other products you struggle with when it comes to “save or splurge.”