Lately, I’ve realized it’s not just the more advanced makeup techniques that people need help with, it’s the simple things!  I’ve also realized that people are not as comfortable with asking the simple questions because they think they should know the answer already.  Well my beauties, you are not alone.  You are not the only one with these questions on the brain.  I am here to help you!

Today, we’ll discuss three common mistakes people make during makeup application AND how to fix them!  A lot of times when people make a mistake on their makeup, they think their entire face is ruined.  I’ve seen people start over when it’s not at all necessary!  Let’s get in to it.

Common Mistake #1 – Mascara on the face
We’ve all had that random flick of the wrist, while applying mascara, which leaves a streak of mascara on our face.  It is super frustrating, I know.  However, the absolute worst thing you can do is immediately try to wipe it off.  It will smear it and make things worse.  Leave it there and let it dry completely!  In the meantime, finish your makeup.  Once it’s dry, take a q-tip and gently flick it off.  The mascara dries to a flaky consistency which makes it easy to flick off with no mess left behind. Crisis averted!

Common Mistake #2 – Too much blush
Sometimes you have a heavy hand, sometimes the lighting is bad.  Either way, the result can be too much blush! This is an easy fix.  Take a powder brush and your face powder and go over the blush with a light hand.  This will diffuse and soften the color of the blush so you won’t look like a clown lol.  This is a regular step in my makeup routine to ensure there are no harsh lines and everything looks blended.

Common Mistake #3 – Eyeliner gone wrong
The struggle is real with eyeliner, especially if you want to wing it out.  Whether it’s winged eyeliner or just a regular line across the top lash line, it can get away from you real fast.  Especially if you’re using liquid liner…it senses your fear lol! Maybe your wing isn’t sharp or the line is a bit crooked. Perhaps you made the line too thick.  I present to you….concealer!  Take a tiny bit of concealer that matches your skin tone on a small angled brush and use it to clean up any eyeliner mistakes!  Make sure the eyeliner has dried down all the way before you use this technique.  You don’t want the eyeliner to mix with the concealer creating a muddy mess.

Hopefully these tips help you in your moments of makeup crisis.  Starting over should be a last, last, LAST resort!


Till next time gorgeous,

Sarah Robyn