Happy February and Happy Black History Month!  February is one of the best months of the year for me.  I get to see my people being celebrated for all that we are and all that we have contributed to the world.  It’s also my birth month (today is the day to be exact)!  Today is also SARAHROBYNARTISTRY.COM’s birthday too!  My site is officially a year old!  So yes, lots to celebrate and smile about :).
In honor of celebrating Black History Month, I want to talk about five of my favorite black owned makeup brands (B.O.M.B.)!  Black owned makeup brands don’t get the publicity that they should because they are generally smaller scale brands.  However, they have GREAT products that should be recognized and used!  For those of you not aware of these brands, I’m so happy to share them with you!

Sacha Cosmetics – The Sacha buttercup loose powder is one of my favorite loose powders of all time!  It is a yellow toned powder that I use to set my under eye concealer.  Sacha has several great eye, lip, and face products that are definitely worth checking out!

Black Opal – Black Opal is EASILY one of my favorite brands period.  It’s just a bonus that they are black owned!  Their stick foundations are the first foundations I purchased for my kit when I started as a makeup artist, and I still use them today.  They are THAT good.  Recently, I have been loving their matte foundation powder.  I love the complexion product range.  There is a shade for every brown girl from the lightest to the deepest.  If you don’t try anything else from this brand, I admonish you to check out the complexion products.  They are very easy to find, as they are sold at your local Walmart and various drugstores.

The Lip Bar – The Lip Bar is a brand especially near and dear to my heart.  Number 1, it is black owned.  Number 2, it is woman owned.  Number 3, the owner is from my hometown of Detroit, Michigan!  The brand recently reached an agreement with Target to sell their products!  HUGE!!!!  How can you not support this brand and their beautiful lipstick in every shade?!

Coloured Raine  – Coloured Raine has the most gorgeous and highly pigmented lipsticks, lip glosses, highlighters, and eyeshadows.  They have several colors and finishes to choose from.  Cherry Blossom, which comes in a liquid lipstick, regular lipstick, and a lip gloss, is one of their most popular shades and is the perfect red for brown girls of any shade!

AJ Crimson – Another hometown mention!  AJ Crimson also hails from the great city of Detroit, Michigan.  He began as a makeup artist and is now a celebrity makeup artist and owns his own brand!  His complexion products are a DREAM!!!  The consistency, coverage, blendability, and shade range are literally amazing.  As a makeup artist who has worked with his products, I can truly say they are worth every penny!  Please check out AJ’s amazing brand and all that it has to offer!

I hope that this post was helpful, especially to those who consciously and consistently want to support black owned makeup brands.  Please click the links within this post and visit the respective websites.  These are the brands FOR US BY US and they should have our full support.


Till next time gorgeous,

Sarah Robyn