There are several makeup trends that literally make me want to scream and go at random people’s faces with a makeup wipe EVERY.SINGLE.DAY.  We are going to discuss a few in this post and pray they don’t rear their ugly head in 2018.  Let us touch and agree.

1.      Extra thick and long lashes without ANY other makeup on the face.  STOP!  Wearing lashes without makeup is certainly not a crime, just opt for a more natural lash.

2.      Super bold, dark, boxed off brows.  STOP!  Try a brow product shade that is one to two shades lighter than your hair color.  Black is never a good idea!

3.      The way-too-bright and almost white, shimmery brow highlight.  STOP!  Use a light sweep of your face highlighter instead.

4.      Over contouring and highlighting.  STOP!  People are out here trying to copy YouTubers making all the tribal marks on their face but don’t know how to blend.  Focus on using less product and hone the blending skills.

5.      The defined, dark, and unblended lip liner.  STOPPPPPPPP!!!!  I don’t even understand why I still see this in 2017!  Please blend the lip liner into the lipstick sis, PLEASE!

6.      Using too much setting powder then taking photos.  STOP!  The flashback is not cute, AT ALL. Test the powder first for flashback.  It will help save you from embarrassing photos.

7.      The exclamation point nose highlight.  STOP!  It’s cool to highlight the nose but stop overdoing it!

I’m FED UP ok?!  Let’s all reach one by teaching one and help the makeup community prosper.  LOL!  *Of course this post is all in good fun and meant to be humorous.  At the end of the day, DO YOU BOO!*

Thank you all and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!  Blessings to each and every one of you!


Till next time gorgeous,

Sarah Robyn