Today’s ‘Quick Tip Tuesday’ is focused on skin care.  Trying new skin care products is always a gamble.  There is no guarantee that your skin will respond positively to the new product.  Also, it is possible that your skin won’t respond at all.  Application method is HUGE when dealing with skin care products.  If you don’t apply them properly, there is a high chance your skin won’t have a response or the response will be minimal.

I’m here to let you in on a tip that will help you maximize the benefits of your skin care products.  This tip is especially related to skin products with a more liquid consistency (i.e. toners, serums). Typically, with these products, we swipe them onto our skin with a cotton pads or just rub them into the skin.  Have you ever actually pressed a product into your skin?  No?  Well you might want to try it!  When using my toner, I saturate a cotton pad with the product and literally press it into my skin.  I don’t swipe.  I don’t rub.  Even though my toner is already an amazing product, I began to quickly see that the application method makes a huge difference in how quickly and how well your skin will respond to a product.


I use this method not only with my toner, but with my serums and cream-based products as well.  After rubbing them gently into my skin, I then just lightly press the product into my skin for maximum benefits!


Let me know if you have heard this tip before or not by leaving a comment below!


Till next time gorgeous,

Sarah Robyn