Over the last several years, the makeup community has gone through many changes and much growth.  The one thing that stands out to me as one of the larger changes is the “social media influence.”  Social media has definitely changed the way we view makeup.  It has changed the way we apply makeup.  It has changed the makeup “norms.”  There is a certain makeup look that social media tells us is acceptable.  A lot of us have taken either the entire look or pieces of it and made it a part of our makeup routine.  “Sarah Robyn?  Girlllll, what are you talking about?”  Sorry. I should probably provide some examples.


Example number ONE: the over-filled and over-sculpted brow.  You know, the unnatural, super dark, harshly filled in brow that is NOT HOT.  Makeup routines are definitely based on preference, but a good rule of thumb is to use a brow pencil at least one shade lighter than your natural hair color.  Our brows have a naturally lighter appearance than the hair on our heads.  Example number TWO: unnatural highlighting and contouring.  We see women on Instagram drawing all over their faces with foundations/concealers several shades lighter and darker than their skin tones in the name of highlighting and contouring.  This technique can be done on a much more natural level with products closer to the shade of your skin.  It doesn’t have to be so extreme.  Try going one shade lighter than your skin tone for highlighting and two shades darker for contouring. Example number THREE: CAKE FACE!  I don’t think this needs any explanation lol.


I find that social media has taken us to a place of “extra,” meaning the more “techniques” used in a makeup routine, the better.  Call me a rebel, call me crazy, call me whatever you want, BUT in 2019 your makeup goal should be…LESS!  Less is more.  Cliché I know, but it really is.  You can achieve a flawless face with very minimal product (we’ll be exploring how, this year, in future blog posts).  It’s all in the knowing what products to use and how to use them to YOUR advantage.  Take some time this year to consult with a professional makeup artist (I do consultations, so hit me up! Shameless plug lol).  When talking with a pro, be sure to ask what products work well with your skin type.  Ask how to use those products and what tools are needed to apply them.  I would even recommend setting up a demo consultation where the makeup artist actually shows you on your own face how to apply the recommended products.  There’s nothing like a visual lesson.  Learn to evolve your makeup routine.  Evaluate it every few months and note the things you want to change and/or edit.  It’s a fun process, I promise! 2019 is going to be a good makeup year for us all 🙂

Till next time gorgeous,

Sarah Robyn